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House Cleaning Services in Salt Lake City, UT

Maid Right Gephardt ApprovedWith your busy schedule, it can be a challenge to find time for proper house cleaning. Between business trips, events, gatherings, and your daily routine, you face a constant stream of demands. Let the professionals at Maid Right? provide you with thorough house cleaning in Salt Lake City. Call us today at (801) 900-4127 to schedule an estimate!

Home Cleaning in Salt Lake City

Since 1997 we have served commercial clients through our sister company, Jan-Pro®. Trust in knowing that our team at Maid Right is dedicated to delivering superior home cleaning in Salt Lake City that upholds the same high industry standards. From top to bottom, we clean to meet your ultimate satisfaction!

Residential Cleaning in Salt Lake City

Instead of spending time scrubbing floors and wiping windows during your time off, spend it with your loved ones. With our reputable residential cleaning service in Salt Lake City, you don’t have to worry about contracting illnesses from germs inside your home. Our cleaning company is steps beyond competing cleaning companies, offering:

Color-coded microfiber cloths reduce cross-contamination risks

House Cleaning in Salt Lake City

Relax and enjoy life without worrying about keeping your residential space clean. When you choose Maid Right, you receive a custom clean that leaves your home thoroughly disinfected and neat. One of our owner-operators arrives at your home at a time that is most convenient for you, equipped with modern equipment, low-emission backpack vacuums, microfiber mops, and high-grade cleaning cloths.


Guarantee on House Cleaning Services

Salt Lake City clients know that we clean to fulfill all your cleaning requirements! The Maid Right franchise was designed to bring the success of the Jan-Pro to the residential cleaning market, helping homeowners enjoy their domestic space. If for any reason you are unhappy with our home cleaning in Salt Lake City, contact us within 24 hours. Our crew will return to your home within 2 business days to clean until you are completely satisfied.

Learn more about our house cleaning services in Salt Lake City by completing our online contact form!